Are you interested in an in-line pole maintenance program? Lee Inspection and Consulting Services leads the way in standing utility pole maintenance, treatment, and restoration. We use our vast array of knowledge, along with cutting-edge technology (computer databases and global positioning systems to bring the most to your asset management program.

Inline Inspection

Lee Inspection offers a top-notch in-line inspection program to assist utilities with their asset management. With our pole inspection, you receive the absolute best in wood pole assessment with a complete structure inventory, GPS/GIS data, maintenance needs, pole change-out needs, and meter readings. Our in-line pole inspectors are trained extensively and have a sound knowledge and understanding of utility poles, thus providing you with a first-class inspection team that is both willing and ready to serve you.

Inspection results are offered in a variety of database formats, including Excel spreadsheets, Shapefiles, Access databases, and file Geodatabase. We specifically customize our programs to suit all your needs. This high-quality database program allows for the weekly upload of full inspection details including work orders and replacement orders.

New Utility Pole Inspection

Lee Inspection provides buyers of utility poles with quality assurance and inspection services. We inspect the new utility poles fully both before and after treatment. This vital process is the most cost-effective way to maximize life cycle costs by ensuring the pole meets or exceeds specifications before it ever leaves the pole yard.

We provide our inspection results in paper format or a database format (Microsoft Access or Excel), dependent upon the client’s needs.

Those choosing database formats will have their inspection information uploaded securely to our website. Login and passwords are assigned, hence your inspection information is secure yet readily available.

Advancement in technology equips the purchasers of wood products with a method of evaluating both wood producers and suppliers and the effects of their specifications.
We have new pole inspectors nationwide, all of whom are experts in the field of utility pole inspection.