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Lee Inspection FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
My wood doesn’t have HT stamps on it, but my supplier gave me a document that says it was heat-treated. Is that OK?
No, each full-sized piece used in the program must have an HT or KDHT mark issued by an agency accredited or recognized by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) on it, regardless of documentation.

I bought pressure-treated wood. Is it acceptable in the export program?
The program doesn’t recognize pressure-treated wood, but it can be used IF it has HT marks from the producer of the lumber, like any other acceptable wood.

I used HT-marked wood for building my package and marked it with my export stamp, but none of the original HT marks show on the package. Is that OK?
Yes, the original HT marks do not have to show on the package, provided the full-length pieces did have the marks and the IPPC mark is clearly marked on two opposite sides of the package.

I recycle pallets. Can recycled pallets with the export stamp be reused for export?
The original export marks are good indefinitely, provided no wood has been repaired or replaced. Pallets that have been repaired or otherwise reworked must have the old marks obliterated, and pallets must be retreated and remarked to be resold as export pallets.

I bought 2″ lumber and had it ripped before delivery to 1″ thick, so the original stamp only shows on half of the pieces. Is it OK to use this wood in the program?
Only pieces bearing the HT marks on receipt can be used in the program, and the unmarked half must be separated from the marked half. You can request that your supplier restamp the other side so that you can use all of it.

I build plywood boxes reinforced with solid wood inside, mounted on skids. The skids are hidden under the box, so a stamp mark there is difficult to see. Can I put the marks on the exempt plywood so that the stamp is more visible?
Yes, the marks can be applied to any wooden component of the package, and must be applied in a visible location on at least two sides of the package. Many facilities mark all four sides of a box to insure that the mark is always visible upon inspection. It is also wise to mark the skids as well for contingency’s sake, although the mark indicates that the entire package conforms to the export standards.

Our company only ships export once in a while (remove). ships internationally on an infrequent basis. It doesn’t make much sense for us to be in a monthly program. Is there any alternative?
Yes, in this situation you can request a one-time certification. Call Lee Inspection for more details.

What are the bark requirements for the ISPM-15 Program?
Irrespective of the type of treatment applied (heat-treatment or fumigation), wood packaging material must be made of debarked wood. Bark found on WPM must be less than 3cm in width (regardless of length). If the bark is greater than 3cm in width, the total surface area must be less than 50 square cm (about the size of a credit card).

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