Export Stamping services are for customers that may have one or two export shipments a year, thus not having enough volume to warrant full program certification. These services are offered nationwide in a very timely manner.

Do you need a One-Time ISPM 15 Stamping Service?

How the Export Stamping Program Works:

    • Producers may either purchase HT or KD-HT material from local lumber suppliers or heat treat wood packaging material in house. Every piece of lumber must bear a heat treated (HT) or kiln dried-heat treated (KD-HT) marking. This material should be approved prior to construction of wood packaging material.


    • The wood packaging material for export must be constructed from the purchased HT or KD-HT material noted above. Producers should keep proof of purchase receipts handy and available for the Lee Inspection auditor. If on-site heat treating occurs, charge records must also be kept.


    • Producers should complete all wood packaging material for stamping prior to auditor arrival. Lee Inspection is prohibited from stamping any unfinished material.


    • Upon arrival, our auditor will verify construction of wood packaging material, inspect for excessive bark, and finally, apply the IPPC mark to all applicable wood packaging material. Once this is complete, your packaging is ready for export!


Have more than one or two export shipments? Consider ISPM15 Certification