Lee inspection offers railroad track and railroad bridge inspections.

  • Single and/or Double Track Lines
  • Switch Yards
  • Hump Yards
  • Stationary Bridges
  • Mechanical Bridges
  • Short Line Railroads (Freight or Passenger)
  • 1st Class Railroads (Freight or Passenger)
  • Maintenance Follow-up
  • Derailment
  • Crossing
  • Turnout Inspections
  • Side Holding Tracks

We also offer industrial track inspections. Track preventive maintenance and inspections are cost-effective to prevent any safety concerns/issues and track downtime.

Our inspectors visually inspect all components of railways, rails, bolts, joint bars, ties, spikes or screws, switch points, and crossings. We offer gauge, alignment, and elevations as the main rail checkpoints as well as loose nuts or broken bolts in joints and switch points these can cause severe hazards. Our inspections can detect decayed, decaying, or end-of-life cycle ties within the industrial settings.

The inspection process and track maintenance go hand-in-hand, and Lee Inspections also offers a preventive maintenance program. As our inspection team inspects your tracks we secure and grease all moving components of the tracks including joint bars, bolts, and switch points. The cost savings program for your company is our ability to inspect and perform maintenance to ensure track downtime is limited.

Lee Inspection maintains the latest technology for track inspection. Using non-destructive testing with real-time graph prints to show density, hollow spots, heart rot, and other invisible defects that may occur in ties. The integrity, elevation, and curvature of the tracks. Identifying unwanted track movement and ballast condition in a full report that identifies any wear of the track security components. We also offer preservative testing on crossties or switch ties in identifying the preservatives that are within your ties.

We have the experience and the training required to ensure safety and cost-saving maintenance. Please contact us to assist in any inspection needed.